Our CAD Design department is equipped with the latest computer aided design (CAD) software available, in addition we also provide FEA (finite element analysis) testing by using Ansys FEA software.



Our CAD design department are able to create all kinds of 3D model designs, this can be done with information provided from a simple sketch.

Having a 3D CAD design done is the first step required in the start of any initial component manufacturing projects, the CAD designs will provide the necessary information required in the initial start stages of component manufacturing.

The information from the 3D CAD design files will provide vital information accurate material weight content and accurate dimensions.

A 3D cad model design is required to produce 3D print models and computer generated prototypes. CAD data design files are also needed when requiring strength analysis.

Our design engineers can also convert any 3D CAD files in different file formats such iges, parasolid, step, stl and may others. We take the utmost care in ensuring compliance of our conversion work to your standards and specifications.







Finite Element Analysis

FEA software is a product design optimization software to match the design intent for strength.

Our FEA (finite element analysis) software is a computerized method for predicting how a product reacts to real-world forces and other physical effects.

The stress testing of the designed components which can then be optimized to ensure minimum material with maximum strength.
Total plastics solutions provide multi-CAD environment to assist our customers with their wide ranging needs.

Our design department has the resources on-staff for ensuring quick turnaround of large and small projects that require production and conception methods.