Engineering Plastics Essential to Growth in Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are the future. Currently, only one out of 250 cars being driven today are electric. Although forecasts vary, most experts are sure that electric cars will come to dominate the market, whether that happens in the near future (consulting company Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts 30% of vehicles will be electric by 2040) or in the distant […]

Thermoforming offers Medical Device Manufacturers Low Costs, High Quality

Over the past few years, we’ve covered most of the common techniques for manufacturing plastics products. These include injection moulding, additive manufacturing, spin moulding, and 3d printing. However, to date we haven’t written about a technique that is becoming increasingly important to the medical device industry: thermoforming.

Thermoforming was first pioneered as early as the 1870’s by John Westley Hyatt, […]

Refillable PET Bottles Set to Revolutionize Beverage Packaging

Traditional disposable plastic beverage containers have many benefits – they are cheap to produce, light in weight, and strong and durable. Compared to glass, plastic bottles provide a much greater level of convenience. The incredible versatility of disposable plastic bottles can be seen in the astonishing size of the market for such containers. According to market research firm Fact.MR, […]

Aerospace Plastics Market Growth Expected to Increase through 2025

Many people think of mundane applications when it comes to plastic products – food packaging and construction may be the first things that come to mind for many plastics consumers. Despite this conception, many of the most innovative uses of plastic today are occurring in the transportation sector.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most valuable market for plastics in the transportation sector […]

Petrochemical Industry Downturn Predicted to have Mixed Plastic Industry Impacts

Given the importance of plastics to our modern way of life, it’s no surprise that the petrochemical industry is predicted to exceed $1 trillion USD in value by 2023. Petrochemicals – organic compounds created by “cracking” oil and other raw hydrocarbons, are the primary material input to the traditional plastics industry. Of the two types of petrochemicals, olefins and aromatics, olefins, […]

Thermally Conductive Plastics Could Soon Replace Metals in Computer Applications

Many consumers take today’s powerful computers and electronics for granted. Since most consumer electronics are enclosed in attractive plastic cases, it’s easy to ignore the amount of engineering that goes into developing these incredible devices.

While much attention is given to the development of new software and cloud-based systems, the entire consumer electronics industry depends on the existence of incredibly […]

New Plastic Can Be Recycled Indefinitely Without Degradation

Most people would agree that recycling plastic is a good idea. Not only are the environmental effects of producing plastics lessened – in many cases recycling can make financial sense for producers too. However, recycling is far from perfect today.

The problem lies in the fact that many consumer plastics contain additives specifically designed to serve a specific function. For […]

Custom Plastic Implants Revolutionizing Medical Care

Medical Plastics News is my go-to source for new information about the contributions of plastics and plastics technology to the field of medicine. This month, that publication published a story describing a new advance that has revolutionized the field of medical implants in the past years.

In particular, the article, titled “How custom made implants have the potential to improve […]

Innovative Bubble Barrier Aims to Stop Plastic Pollution in Oceans

Every year, around 18 billion pounds of plastic enter the world’s oceans. Much of this plastic is carried out to sea from the interiors of continents by river currents. As can be seen in the map accompanying River Plastics Emissions to the World’s Oceans, a paper published in Nature last year, few of the worlds coastlines are free of […]

Study Comparing Environmental Impacts of Plastic, Cloth Bags Reveals Surprising Results

For many years, cloth bags have been seen as an environmentally-friendly alternative to the ubiquitous plastic bags found at shops around the world. Despite their popularity, a recent study completed by the government of Denmark has reached some surprising conclusions about the relative impacts of cloth, reusable plastic, and single-use plastic bags.

The study attempted to define the environmental impact […]