Chief Economist of Plastics Industry Association: “Growth Momentum is Poised to Continue”

Plastics industry news and research outlet Plastics Technology recently published an interview with Perc Pineda, PhD, the chief economist of the Plastics Industry Association, about the global state of the plastics industry. His responses paint a picture of an industry ripe with opportunities in the coming decade.

In this post, we’ll outline a few of the most important trends covered […]

Why Rapid Prototyping is Revolutionizing the Plastics Industry

Many people outside the industry might be surprised to learn that the development of physical prototypes is still critical to the creation of successful products. Despite the rise of sophisticated digital design software, it turns out, there’s no replacement for good old hands-on testing of actual prototypes.

In the past, moving from an engineering drawing to a physical prototype was […]

Smart Polymers Market Looking Up

According to a report recently published by Dublin-based company Research and Markets, the smart polymer market is expected to maintain a respectable growth rate of 14.7% through 2023. The report, titled “Smart polymers – global market outlook (2017-2023)”, predicts that the global smart polymer market will be worth $3.98 billion USD by 2023.


The report suggests that growth will be […]

Injection Moulding Trends in 2018

Global Market, Inc. recently named the injection moulding industry as one of the “most dynamically evolving businesses in recent times”. Given the importance of injection moulding to the plastics industry as a whole, it is very important to keep up on the most recent trends. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the trends to look […]

Industry Adjustment Continues In Response to China Waste Import Ban

On January 1, the global plastics recycling industry entered a new era as China’s ban on imported plastic and paper waste came into effect. In this post, we’ll take a look at the political origins of the import ban and what plastics producers and consumers around the world are doing to adapt.


In 2016, China imported 45 million tonnes of […]

The Plastics Technology Behind the Movies

The magic of film has been with us since 1888, when the first film ever made, titled “Roundhay Garden Scene” was created by French inventor Louis Le Prince (check out this website for some other early contenders). At just over two seconds in length, it was hardly a blockbuster. However, it opened the doors to the development of the […]

Plastics in Commercial Aviation

The next time you go on a plane, look around you. Plastics are everywhere. It is a testament to the unique characteristics of plastics that they have made their way into aviation, a field with extremely strict engineering requirements and wide safety margins. In this post, inspired by a blog post published by Market Insider, we’ll take a look […]

Artificial Photosynthesis May Hold Key to Sustainable Ethylene Production

The ability of plants to produce energy from sunlight is incredible. Unlike all animals and most human-made machines, plants can produce complex sugars using nothing but sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water.

For decades, engineers have attempted to harness the power of the sun to power various chemical processes. This week, a new paper published by a team based at the […]

Plastics Industry Makes Foray into Can Industry

Packaging is a big deal in the plastics industry. According to a recent report published by Zion Research, annual sales of plastic packaging are expected to reach $375 billion USD by 2020. The plastic packaging market is dominated by food packaging, which includes plastic films, containers for liquids, and polystyrene packaging.

One area of the food packaging industry that plastics […]

Foam Injection Moulding for Lightweight Parts

The plastics industry has changed the face of lightweight manufacturing in recent decades. As automotive and consumer electronics manufacturers strive to make lighter and lighter components, they are turning to innovative plastics manufacturing technologies to reduce weight without reducing material strength. One of the most important such technologies is foam injection moulding. Although the technique has been in existence […]