Traffic Cone

A sturdy all vinyl Traffic Cone for heavy traffic loads.  *AVAILABLE IN STANDARD AND HEAVY DUTY STYLES

  • This bright fluorescent cone will not be overlooked, ‘rain or shine’
  • The 1-piece moulded construction will stand up in the most demanding traffic and can be run over many times without failure
  • Comes plain or with reflective collar and with the option to print your logo or advertising
  • Size – 450mm

*The Heavy Duty Traffic Cone is more solid and sturdier and comes with a weighted base.  It is ideal for use in high traffic areas/exceptionally windy areas where the standard cone may blow over.



Petal Cone

The world’s most stable Traffic Cone

  • These specially designed bases bend when the cones are tilted, preventing topple and causing the cones to return to the upright position
  • Made of 2 vinyl layers, an inner white layer and a luminous orange outer layer
  • Comes plain or with reflective collar and with the option to print your logo or advertising
  • Sizes – 300mm or 450mm



Corner Cube Delineator

For Roadway delineation or on Waterway markers.

  • The most effective reflector visible over long distances
  • Made of tough non corrosive acrylic
  • Available in red, white, amber, green or blue
  • Available in two sizes – 32mm or 83mm in diameter



Star Post Cover / Delineator

To highlight star posts in fenced off areas.

  • Made of highly visible fluorescent orange vinyl and comes with the option of an all round Class-1 reflective collar
  • Comes plain or with the option to print your logo or advertising
  • Size – 50mm in diameter and 300mm long



Side Mount Delineator

A double sided Retroflector to warn traffic of road hazards.

  • All plastic, incorporating Corner Cube Delineators
  • Choice of colour combination of red, white, amber, green or blue
  • Size – 90mm x 120mm, Delineator 83mm in diameter



Picket Cap

A protective Safety Cap to ensure a safe work area.

  • Designed for the tops of star picket posts and fits tightly onto the post – so no need to secure!
  • Made from high impact polypropylene, UV stabilized for outdoor use
  • Available in your choice of either orange, yellow or white
  • Size – 50mm diameter x 70mm long